This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

One of Vancouver’s coolest digital branding agencies

This week I want to give props to one of the coolest digital marketing agencies in town: Skyrocket! I discovered them by accident when I was looking for a storytelling event that my colleague had told me about. I found out that Skyrocket had hosted this event, and immediately I was drawn to their website and their work in helping leaders, changemakers, and innovators tell a story, communicate value, build community, and disrupt their market.

I was invited to a meet & greet at their Beatty Street office when I followed them on Twitter and said that I was a fan of their work (see? You can build offline relationships online). What’s so interesting is that both colleagues I met with had some sort of connection to me prior to the meeting. It proves once again that Vancouver is so small.

In the hour that I hung out with them I didn’t just drool over their hip, open concept space and jaw dropping work. I learned stuff! Jorge (who you might know from his #bemyamigo fame) taught me a couple of new website platforms that you are probably going to learn more about soon, if you haven’t already. NationBuilder is more of a software/CRM system than a web platform, and is meant for managing growing communities. They showed me some of the back-end functions and it is pretty freakin’ amazing what you can track and do based on the data you get from users. Check out some of the sites that Skyrocket has built using NationBuilder:

Coastal Jazz
Get Georgia Real

Check out the amazing Dhahan Prize that they made, along with a trilingual website.

Squarespace boasts more elegance and intuition than WordPress. I had my web gals look into it and they say that Squarespace doesn’t have as many templates or the capability of advanced SEO, but that importing content is easy and down the road they’ll likely be even more comparable to WordPress.

What’s so cool when you meet other marketing companies who don’t compete with you (or even ones you do) is that you can find out useful info like this that could help a potential client down the road. Because of what I know Skyrocket can do, I’ll be more likely to refer them when I come across clients or prospects who need their services.

Thanks Christine & Jorge for the inspiration and keep doing the world changing work you’re doing.

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