This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

A local charity changing the perception of binners and their livelihood

At last week’s Kick mingler hosted by Spring, I had the immense pleasure of meeting the Project Coordinator of Binners’ Project, a charity located in both Vancouver and Montreal that engages with and supports binners to help them achieve their  life goals.

First, I had to learn about the term “binners.” It’s exactly what I thought: a term used to describe someone who collects redeemable beverage containers from garbage bins and dumpsters. For more people than I originally thought, binning is a source of livelihood. Since last year, Binners’ Project has engaged 300 binners in meetings at the UBC Learning Exchange, raised awareness through the Coffee Cup Revolution last October, and is actively working on projects that will engage businesses and other communities.

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