This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

Lightworkers in the media who report on facts, question things, and search for truth

I was wrong in my newsworthy/not newsworthy video blog last week. The #MayPac fight was not un-newsworthy because both fighters re old and getting money out of a fight we don’t know will last any longer than one round. I was wrong because this fight was a very clear example of what is wrong in the world: the fact that entertainment is more important than world issues, that people depend on an athlete to save a country, and that more corporations would put hundreds millions of dollars behind a man who abused the mother of his children (unlike other athletes whose reputations have since been scorned from similar charges) than to help alleviate poverty or give starving people access to clean water.

It’s a more complex issue than can be explained in an blog post, but there was at least one female reporter who delved deeper into this. I discovered her interview from Fall 2014 of Floyd Mayweather on Sunday, which was 24 hours too late to share with my networks.

The interviewer in this video, Rachel Nichols, and another sportscaster, Michelle Beadle, reported via Twitter that they were banned from Saturday’s fight, even though Mayweather’s PR team claims that they had credentials. Whatever the case, it’s odd that this happened to two female reporters. Is it really so black and white that it becomes an angry female vs. powerful male story? Are there men out there who care about these issues at all and who refused to watch last Saturday’s fight? I would really like to know.

On Sunday I questioned my profession and whether I was contributing to the problem or part of the solution. Sometimes in PR we play both roles. But since I neither have the time nor money to pursue journalism school, this blog will have to suffice.

Who would you consider a true media lightworker? A real medium for truth and the message of justice?

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