This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

Nature and the people who care about the Earth

On Sunday, Leo and I went on our first hike in the Lower Mainland. It was very cool to think that it was just one of the many, many trails that are in our backyard with great views. Originally I wanted to take him on the Grouse Grind but it worked out that it was closed because we were sore from just 15 minutes of walking uphill. I am looking forward to going on more of these nature hikes as per my prescription from the angels a few weeks back.

I also wanted to give tribute to Metro Vancouver and Eco Fashion Week, which collaborated on one of the most well attended panel events I have been to in EFW history last week. The panel, comprised of four people and moderated by City Councillor Heather Deal, talked about how each of their businesses contributed to reducing textile waste in the landfills, and provided answers to the many questions in the crowd about solutions. It was clear that there are not solutions for everything, but I think that many eyes were opened that day.

Thursday evening was a party hosted by Social Venture Institute Vancouver and I was struck by the multiple conversations I was having that night about the need for more ethical communications, by both PR firms and the media. My brain gears started turning and I have an idea for an event but haven’t quite acted on it yet. It might be the next thing I am supposed to do once we are able to get B Corp. certification (we’re at 65 points!).

Last Friday was Fashion Revolution Day, organized globally to honour the victims of the Bangladesh Factory collapse and encourage people to ask where their clothes were made. I wore some of my clothes inside out and the funny thing is, no one noticed when I went out that night.

It can be overwhelming to think about all of the world’s problems and that the solutions will be so difficult to achieve, but like anything, it takes small steps to create awareness and change people’s habits. One day it will seem like it happened like a tsunami, but millions of us will have contributed to it.

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