This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

To those that help me to open up

These last four days have offered some opportunities for me to open up emotionally in ways that I’m not used to.

I met with my Mastermind group on Friday and finally admitted the elephant that I was holding back from them the last six weeks: I need help! It has been a very different first quarter than 2014, and I have been hustling more than ever and not getting the greatest results. So they suggested I try some different things, and oddly enough, sharing more with other women about it, because it’s very likely others are experiencing the same blow to self-esteem.

I had a great chat with my old coach and we tried to get to the heart of why I still hate (ie. fear) public speaking. And it was pretty mind blowing the conclusion we got to. I’m thinking a lot about it and am excited to see if I have the same reaction next time.

Yesterday, I had the most fascinating conversation (I was listening really) with Jonathan Anthony, who is a member at Change Agents Worldwide. I learned that Change Agents is an organization that is less about creating social change and more about changing workplaces and how business is managed. He really got me thinking about me as a brand and what I would do to market myself if I weren’t doing Conscious PR anymore. Because really when you strip away the business, what am I left with? The answer should be a strong one regardless.

I have also been making more peace with flowers, after being told by my passed relatives in an angel card reading that flowers and nature were a key part of my emotional healing. Leo and I have plans to do the Grouse Grind on Sunday for the first time together. Heal on!

How do you – or others – open up and heal?

In case you haven’t watched Brene Brown‘s talk on vulnerability:

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