This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

To the people around me ‘in the same boat’ who keep me from going overboard!

It’s been a rough last week or so having coped with one of the slowest months in company history despite my hustling, meditating, and attempts at positive thinking.

Sometimes, you can’t fight your emotions and it just becomes HARD to see through the clouds. I turned 33 this past week, and even though I didn’t wake up in the highest spirits on my birthday, it amazed me how my state could change over the course of the day simply by ‘turning off’ my working brain and just absorbing – Leo, my family, a few amazing meals, and treating myself.

The next day, I had an intimate conversation over coffee with a few friends, and realized that we were all sort of in the same boat, even though the situations all looked different. My mind and body sighed in relief to know that it wasn’t just me. And that there was no sense in trying to hide my insecurity.

The rest of the weekend I spent celebrating over more meals and relaxing with a few new movies and old X-Files episodes (they are making new ones!). It was like hitting the reset button.

Remember, you may be alone in that you live your own life, but you never experience something that someone else hasn’t – including the bad experiences.

Massive tribute to all of the kind, unsuspecting souls who are my boatmates, and to Leo, who has been my saving captain through it all.

Are you overdue for giving tribute to your boatmates?

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