This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

A wonderful community of women at CRAVE

Every year when I write my holiday cards I send more than I originally intend to because I feel I need to give more tribute to people who’ve been so awesome to me and to Conscious PR this past year. This was the case at last night’s Urban Campfire put on by Melody Biringer’s company, CRAVE.

In 2010 I was selected to be one of the featured women entrepreneurs in the CRAVE Guide and that was an honour for me because it meant people were noticing my business. Earlier this year I was asked to co-speak at one of the CRAVEfuel chats about the topic of Intimacy, which helped me grow my public speaking skills.

Earlier in February I attended the first Urban Campfire night, inspired by Melody’s journey of self re-discovery and identifying the things she loved in life and that she was most passionate about (that being marshmallows and Flashdance). I was blown away by the vulnerability she and the speakers shared that night and the people I dined and discussed with at my table. So when the e-mail popped up that it was coming back, I signed up my sister and I because I knew this event would be right up her alley too. We’ve heard Kevin O’Leary talk about his love of money together, and it’s nice to hear something a bit different every now and then when it comes to successful business people.

I bow down and hold dear to my heart the brave stories told by The Menopause ChicksShirley Weir, my dancing soul sister and guru Tree Walsh, G Day & Lunapads Diva Suzanne Siemens, the baker with ‘the dress’ Jackie Kai Ellis of Beaucoup Bakery, and Granola Girl April Bellia. All five of these ladies I have encountered or experienced personally or professionally at some point this year, and the image that I had of them when meeting them was blown apart (in a good way) and I felt that I was able to see the core spirit of each of them. It reminded me of how much I crave authentic Connection in my life and that even though sometimes I think I can do ‘it’ all on my own, life is not a solo journey. We all have different journeys, but the hills and valleys are the same. We share that as humans.

Before the event, I met with some young, keen students who complimented me on my style and I explained that I was dressed for an event that evening. When they asked about the event, I urged them to get on the CRAVE list so that they could experience the community for themselves. While I might not be at every CRAVE event in town, I thank Melody, the CRAVE community, and Susan Gibson for continually inspiring and having such a positive influence on my soul and my business.

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