This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

PR tip: Pick up that phone!

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Today’s tip is easy, and simple. Use that device that you text, surf, track, watch videos, and take photos on and use it for what it was originally intended for – to hear someone’s voice!

Yesterday I was in follow-up mode, leaving messages and connecting with media. While a lot of those messages I left I don’t expect to get responses back from, the efforts go to show you the results you get.

1) The callback

This media person called back to say that my message was so muffled, she couldn’t make out the name of the event I was describing. After I clarified, she went onto explain that she covers a completely different topic now, and recommended the right person to contact (who I am already in touch with, luckily!). That person cared enough to call, and had I not followed up I might still be sending this person e-mail messages that are irrelevant to what she wants.

2) The update

The second person I actually reached over the phone. Even though it had been 6 months since we last met and contacted each other, she mentioned she had received the event information I sent about an event a few weeks ago, and when I had asked if she was still working with the outlet I had e-mailed her about (which I suspected she had left since our last connect), she clarified what outlets she was working for. So I got to update my records and clarify what sorts of events she’d like to cover now. Score!

3) The placement

One Editor was just working on a section in which my client’s event fit right in, and so he asked for photos. I sent them, and he confirmed they were good. Now I don’t have to play a guessing game about whether or not it’ll make it in the weekly issue, and I can just look out for it. Double score!

Another outlet I’d called yesterday went to a completely different person when I dialed the extension, which let me know that the extensions had changed, or I might have to delete the original contact from my database altogether.

While it’s easy to resend another e-mail or tweet or just shrink from the phone altogether and find lazy work to do, it’s worth the follow-up. Consider it an adventure. It’s a gamble where it’ll take you!

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