This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

The first G Day – uniting with my inner girl

I wish I could post the most awesome photo of me dancing, but I do not have time to find one. Instead this will have to do.

Photo via G Day Instagram

I have never danced so hard in my life. One blog post is not enough to describe the warmth, joy, excitement and even fear I felt on the first ever G Day. Six months of work (lots of teamwork) came together and I could not be prouder of everyone involved.

I learned so much not just about what girls today are like and my own body (thanks Marnie Goldenberg!) but also that the world is going to be okay – amazing even – if we can empower girls and create more G Days. I have never had an experience of seeing so many girls at one time since elementary school. While they are probably more digitally connected than I was, not much has changed. They are wild and have lots of energy (enough to go up 3 flights of stairs). They love their friends. And they listen. I know that not all of them were happy all of the day (especially through the uncomfortable body talks), but they were all present and therefore open to listening. Now that I have been able to think about my experience three days later, I can honestly say that whatever doubts I had about myself as a girl are just a bit more diminished because of this.

One of the biggest highlights of the day was dancing like no one was watching. People tell you to do that in quotes you read online, but no one ever does it. Tree Walsh had us doing this to 3 songs in her likely infinite playlist. She has an amazing gift of connecting with youth and making dance an outlet for so many things, including social change. Not many people have that gift as an adult. Dancing like this gave me more energy than I would’ve had otherwise at yesterday’s long conference day. I remembered how capable I am of it when I am dancing!

THANK YOU to everyone who made the day happen and had me a part of it. I will treasure it forever, and I will make sure Aaliyah (my niece) gets to one when she is of the age.

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