This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

On not doing-it-all

Last week, I ended up being interviewed and featured during my client’s taping on Shaw’s go! Vancouver TV show because there was a misunderstanding about a model who I thought was going to be there. We are taping on another show today (same network) and I received a call last night with a last minute request to stand in for one of their models who called in sick. I love being there for my clients, but with all of the personal events that have come into my life recently, it doesn’t feel like I can handle it all. I know that this is just fear and my flight response is blowing sirens at me.

I thought last night about something Sandra Yancey said at the eWomen Success Summit on Wednesday: “Your job as the CEO is not to have all the answers. It is to ask questions.” I’ve had this backwards for many years, trying to have all of the answers. It’s worked enough to keep me afloat, but not to help my business grow, which is why one of my business goals in 2014 was to expand my team.

This is another one of those moments when I know I need to ask more questions and have smarter people to answer them for me. Of course, that would have Conscious PR Inc. looking extremely different than it does now, which I’m not quite sure I want.

Awareness is good. Fear is good. (Sandra defined it as Feel Everything And Rise.) I always get tend to get through the mucky times and stand on solid ground in the end, so today is no different.

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