This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

Have you ever had your palms read? I haven’t. There are people who make a living reading palms, in which the lines and grooves are supposed to tell you where you’ve been and where you might go.

I don’t know about palms, but I know about hair. I’ve had a lot of it since I was a kid. I’ve spent a good 17 years of my life with long, luscious locks. What is interesting, however, is about the times when I’ve worn it short. Take this photo for example.

I’m probably a year old here. And this cut is similar to what I’m sporting now. I’m young, carefree, I like to laugh, and I don’t care that my fly is half open.

After a good seven years of having long hair in elementary school, I let my sister cut my hair in the sixth grade. I was sick of it, and I welcomed change. Over high school, it kept getting shorter as I tried to find myself. It’s almost as if the longer my hair was the more I was prevented from seeing myself.

After university I started growing it again. I don’t think I stopped the self-exploration, but I was definitely more focused on my looks again. And then I found my life partner and started rediscovering myself.

Since 2011 I have wanted to grow my hair long enough to donate it to be made into a wig for cancer victims. And I did it, and I don’t miss my hair at all because I know it’s off to a better place. Again, like the veil lifted from my eyes, I feel reinvented and that I’m seeing myself more clearly than I ever have.

What do your hairstyle cycles tell you about yourself?

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