This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

Sometimes you wonder what to blog about, and then… BAM! Idea in the inbox! Thank you once again, GOOD!

Going green with fashion

This topic is timely as I just took part in a focus group about an online store rebrand… which gave my sis and I great inspiration for when we are ready to move forward with our business idea. We still haven’t decided on a product (though we have some ideas) but essentially the store would involve selling some sort of clothing. Which brings me to the awesome blog from GOOD: “Five Reasons the Fashion Industry is Greening its Act.

Here are some factoids I didn’t know about until today:

  • Producing cotton is toxic (go organic & fair trade!)
  • Wastewater pollution is increasing. The blog says “Each year, approximately 3.4 million people die from water and sanitation-related causes.” In addition, pollution in China has grown over the years. Crazy!

And some facts I knew about worth repeating:

  • Dyeing releases harmful chemicals into the environment. (Check out local company doing it right, Daub & Design)
  • Textile waste is crowding landfills. (Honestly, do we really need Old Navy to open on Granville & Robson? Really?)
  • Fast-fashion allows the issues to flourish. I know we can get stuff for cheap at H&M & Forever 21 and Old Navy and when your favourite big brand stores are on sale. But if you start buying key pieces you LOVE and will wear for years, it’s easier on the earth and your wallet. I haven’t shopped in almost 2 years and now get most of my stuff second hand. While I still have those wish pieces in mind, my wardrobe doesn’t feel any less wearable than if I bought things on a regular basis.

In addition, now that I have done a lot of research on conscious online stores, I’m pretty stoked to start checking some of them out and see how their service is too.

How do you go green with what you wear – besides wearing the colour?

For a 2019 update blog, go to my “WTF are my clothes made of?” post.

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