This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

Astrologers? Is it a new moon today? I see on the calendar that it was yesterday. Whatever the moon has to do with it, I do feel that in a way I have been reborn…and I am seeing it everywhere I go.


Last night I could not tear away myself from my computer. I worked on an outline for a new business idea. This idea has been in my head for a while but isn’t something I wanted to seriously start in the near future. But from the business name to the concept I have been getting stronger and stronger visions of it and finally got it all down on paper, as well as searched online to see if anyone was already operating under the same name. It felt the same way I had felt when I came up with the idea of Conscious PR.

Today I had a consultation with a business owner who is expecting a baby. Coincidentally the owner is someone who I might speak with about the new business idea, and they were talking about a rebrand as well. And, today is Leo’s birthday.


I also learned something new and wonderful after a chat with my coach, about the idea of perfection. We had been talking about what perfection is and I had decided that it was a fantasy and a state of being that could not ever be possible. And that this idea of being perfect is what holds me – and probably all of us – back.


However we talked today about the new mantra I have been trying out about being content in the present moment. And how that is very similar to feeling perfection. And we discussed that perhaps it is in that moment. And that is why Buddhists (and perhaps other religions) create mantras – to strive for that peaceful and content moment. It is not about achieving perfection, but already being it. Ahaaa!

The present moment

I have yet to read Tolle’s The Power of Now (I know, I am behind on that) but I think that will be next. I have just felt a taste of that present contentment, and now I am craving it again. At least I am not craving sugar – that would ruin the 14 days I have left on my cleanse.

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