This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

I took a week off last week, and these past 10 days have been blessed with some awesome revelations.

1) I decided to go back and take a year-long self-development program. In three classes, I feel like I am reset to the place where I left off when I ended the 5-Day Intensive in February. It is amazing what difference 5-7 hours can make. Most importantly I feel like I am learning new things from the inside out.

2) Speaking from inside out, I am re-reading Dr. Sukhi‘s Beyond Body Beyond Mind and going through the exercises. The first time I read the book, it was to work on the launch so I had read it over a weekend. There were some difficult exercises in Chapter 4. Namely, listing every negative experience in my life and asking how it served me or someone else at the time, and how the experience has made me who I am today. This took a while, but I understand now that it is all about perspective. We always choose to suffer in the moment because it is what we know. But we MUST look at it in terms of learning and growth or else we do not move on.

The other exercise was listing the top 4 things in different areas in my life. The things that occur most frequently are what your highest values are at the time. I was expecting to see a lot of money/business and travelling in there, but interestingly my highest values currently are: Self-development; being grateful/content; work; eating or cooking; spending time with others; obtaining future goals or saving for retirement.

As I looked back on that list I was proud of myself. Because working on myself means that I can be stronger and more adept to what life throws at me as I continue to achieve my goals.

Photo credit Leeta Liepins

3) Last night I celebrated the Conscious Divas’ 3rd anniversary. For those of you who do not know the Conscious Divas, it is a wonderful community of women dedicated to working on and learning about ourselves and having deep, meaningful conversations with other women. I was so honoured to be told by someone that she appreciated me talking about how I took steps to becoming almost vegan. I never do things spontaneously, so I never really thought about people who try to become vegetarian or vegan on a whim only to find they couldn’t commit to it over time. So it was nice to be acknowledged for doing that my way. I am SUPER grateful for the conversations and warm hugs from these women, and feel that it is all part of a new path I am forming for myself.

Onwards and upwards! What are you doing to better yourself lately, or is there anything you are working on that you are stuck on?

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