This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

Let me explain.

Last night was an odd day. That ended up warming my heart in a very nice way.

First, while eating dinner before the Celluloid Social Club screening, I read BC Film Director Tracy D. Smith‘s blog on “3 Things Every Filmmaker Should Learn from the Marketing of ‘American Mary.’ ” (Read it from the perspective of a businessperson, it works too.) She is blogging on a site for her new film,, and has been giving me undeserved Twitter props lately. In the blog she had talked about how important marketing is to a film and a film team, citing the ‘Twisted Twins’ Jen and Sylvia Soska who have made a name for themselves as queens of horror locally; they are also quite savvy on social media.

At the Celluloid I ended up reading about the ‘Twisted Twins’ and their role as low-budget feature filmmakers. Well done, Tracy! And, it was nice to see Reel West Magazine still alive and thriving, after the death of former editor Ian Caddell. I never met him, but he did wonders for the community and for our film festival.

After seeing one short and a few trailers, we all had to go outside due to some bathroom flooding in the basement of the ANZA Club. This is where a bit of a reunion happened, and this is when you meet new folks or people you haven’t seen in a while that remind you why the BC Film Industry is so great. And I don’t even work in it for a living!

Ed Brando & Garin Josey of William F. White International – Whites has been a long time supporter of the Vancouver Short Film Festival, donating big rental awards to our top film winners. After only meeting me once last year, Ed gave me a big hug, introduced me to a few new faces, and proceeded to tell me about his new dog. After he left, his friend Asha(sp?) talked about how she had known him for 15 years and how he was such a great guy. I don’t even need convincing.

Karen Chapman of Small Axx Motion Pictures – Karen volunteered her precious time as our Cash Sponsorship Coordinator last year, and is working on a few new shorts including one documentary, which is her genre. Karen won one of our awards way back in ’08 and wrote a great reference letter for us when we were applying for grants. I am so glad we stayed in touch and it is awesome to see her career thriving. I was able to return the favour when I wrote her a reference letter when she was applying for a grant from CYBF. So it was nice to see her achieve that and continue building her business. Now, she just has to get some of her old films online so we can see ’em!

Ryan Catherwood, Producer, Photographer, and all around talented film guy, is now working at the RIO Theatre, but he has produced numerous film festivals and events and always gives us props, from judging to representing the Capilano University Film Alumni Association. He’s one of those guys that always gives, and he came up with the idea for a very cool community of creatives, which the City may even get behind. Stay tuned.

I suppose the lesson here is that we must remember that we are never in isolation, and there is always a community that can welcome us back. If you aren’t a part of the film industry, well, it’s not too late to get involved (filmmakers are ALWAYS looking for volunteers!) or even support local events like the Celluloid Social Club or the VSFF, which will take place Nov. 15-16 (plug!).

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