This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

First things first – ELLE Canada published one of my tweets in relation to one of their March articles.

Cool eh? It goes to show how much I’m digging Kate Carraway‘s articles, and how media actually care when you engage in social media.

Read another great magazine article in ELLE last night, this time on the concept of “digital whining.” I’m no stranger to it since I admit I can whine about things in my life when they don’t exactly go perfect. I also know I’m not a compulsive whiner… and lately I’ve had to delete a few Facebook feeds because I can’t stand some of the posts from those I’m connected with. Which is sad, because I know that isn’t the full nature of their character.

In the article Michele Sponagle talks to a psychologist who says ” ‘whining is at an all-time high…especially among the twentysomething generation…And social media provides a narcissistic cesspool to accommodate that kind of over-sharing.‘ ” She goes onto say that it is a negative habit that doesn’t actually make us feel good. Furthermore, author Larry Winget says we have ” ‘all become enablers by clicking on ‘like’ and posting comments when someone engages in whining.‘ ” He says it’s better to ignore them or reply with a reality check type of comment. Personally, I like to go the humour route. I like sharing epic quotes as well — sometimes those provide the answer to the big thought of the day.

I don’t know if digital whining is that big of a deal, since there are all of those options to deal with the “whiners.” At some point they will realize they have been unfriended or that no one is listening… and at the same time I feel that social media is there as a tool for unbridled expression, so who are we to judge who is a whiner and who is just having a bad day?

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