This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

It’s been an interesting, long week, and hard to believe that we’re now heading into April. The sun has come out in Vancouver, so at least it feels like spring time.

Being out of the office for two extra days this week on top of the holiday Friday, I did as much client work as possible earlier in the week. One of the big things I noticed that has changed on a personal level is how less fearful I am. I met one of my newest clients on Tuesday, who I had previously only dealt with on the phone and via e-mail. I realized that typically, I would be nervous at an event like this. But as soon as the self-talk started enroute to their office, I realized how silly it was of me to be afraid. After all, we cannot work adequately with people we are afraid of. It turns out that it was a great meeting and of course, I had nothing to be afraid of. It was great to have learned something new about myself and I have grown just in the last few weeks. It made me wonder what else I have been so afraid of.

Another fear I’ve had for a long time is of spiders. I don’t have a phobia that paralyzes me from doing anything if I see one, but I’ve always kept my distance and have even cringed as I’ve killed them with tissue. But since last month I have been trying to conquer this other silly fear by holding them and disposing of them outside with my bare hands. So far I’ve done away with three of them, and one of them was a pretty decent size.

I intrigue myself when I think of other things I’ve previously been afraid of that I might be able to do now. It’s going to take a lot more smaller feats to work up to something like talking to a group of 50 or more people, but maybe I can do one TV demo later this year. We’ll see.

Were you afraid of something for a long time that you’ve been able to conquer recently?

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