This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

My schedule has been crazy this week so I can’t even remember if I am on track with daily blogging. However one thing that has been pretty consistent is that unsettling feeling of being in flux.

Monday started off with a series of strange calls, media coverage, and text messages. Nothing life-shattering, but it’s not how you hope to start your workweek.

Yesterday was a better day. I wasn’t hoping for an overly joyous world, but just for things to go smoothly, and that’s exactly what happened. I had the amazing opportunity to present and discuss with the Women’s Economic Council Vancouver Cluster Table on Publicity, and I think we sparked a good discussion not just about Publicity and messaging but also big ideas and getting to the core of what their social enterprises do and how to communicate that. It was an inspiring short time and I felt very honoured to be invited.

Photo courtesy @CommonThreadVan

I also sent off a revised proposal, and attended the opening night of the Vancouver Serbian Film Festival (until March 15), which I have been working with as a personal client.

Having the week already start off with these ups and downs, I know that we cannot expect life to go the way we want it. We are always in a state of transition and flux; what I am hoping I can do is gain strength and be empowered and resilient enough to deal with the unexpected changes that occur that may throw us off-kilter. And I think it’s an unsettling feeling because I know I am not strong enough yet – I sort of feel like I do when I walk through that glass maze at Playland… there is actually only one way out, but the glass is very deceiving and leads you into dead-ends and corners every once in a while.

My meditation practice, and trying to be grateful for every single experience I have – especially the surprising, feel-good ones – is what is keeps me going.

Do you have tools that you use to energize you when you have that unsettling feeling of being in flux?

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