This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

Despite me being subscribed to about 25 RSS blog feeds I attempt to read on a daily basis, there is one that I just decided to remove: Huffington Post BC.

The reason I originally subscribed was because I thought it would be great to get a feed of mainstream news headlines amongst the other Vancouver and international lifestyle, Marketing/PR/Social Media/business, environment/conscious/self-help, real estate, and film blogs I read. Huffington puts out at least 30 BC-related stories daily, so having hoarded all my blog reading last week for the weekend, I ended with about 150 unread posts. But the volume isn’t why I deleted it. It was because of the amount of negative headlines I thought were inherently in there that would be a waste of my time.

Just from yesterday:

Double Murder Victims Found in Crash
The $3.6 Billion Extra Canadians Are Paying for Goods
At Least 3,000 Died During Residential School Attendance: Research
Heli-Skier Dies in B.C. Avalanche
Burnaby Explosives Force Evacuation
Protesters Hassle Downtown Eastside Restaurant
Why You Should Never Go on a Cruise
Navigator Blamed Other Boat for Ferry Crash
Tories’s BIG Trouble
You’ve Never Seen Pamela Anderson Like THIS Before
Is Hockey a Racist Sport?
Why Craiglist’s Racist Side Bothers Him
B.C. Grow-Op Ruins Disabled Children’s Home Plans
B.C. Daycare Costs are Crippling Families

Having made the habit of already reading mainstream news headlines each day before I start work AND the morning and noon news on TV in between, I figure I don’t need a repeat of them in my blog feed. Call me overly optimistic or naive, but I just can’t let this particular news feed get my day down any longer.

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