This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

Yesterday I went to the 6th volume of the Food Talks Van series where Vancouver Foodster brings together a panel of people in the food & beverage industry.

One of the many key things that stood out for me was that the panelists all agreed that to survive in the business, you have to have two things: Passion, and a Plan. I think these are the keys to not only business, but to life in general.

I have never really thought about whether or not I have both. I like to think that I have a plan, and though it doesn’t involve becoming the biggest PR agency in the world, I have a business plan that I look at monthly to see if I reached my goals and am fulfilling my company’s mission. On my vision board (which I have updated about 2-3 times now) it isn’t so much things that I want to have, but goals I am working toward, and what foundational pieces of myself I need to fulfill in order to fuel the vehicles that will get me there.

As far as passion, I like to think that I’ve always had that too, even though having passion for telling other people’s stories is a bit unusual. But after 4.5 years in business I know that I have been able to take that passion a step further by telling other people’s stories that advocate positive change through Conscious PR. So in that sense, I believe I am fulfilling both.

Do you have both passion and a plan in your life?

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