This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

What an amazing weekend it has been… and it is not over yet, but I have had some profound aha moments that I just had to put them down on cyber paper.


My boyfriend gives me invisible gifts he has no idea about, when he goes out of town. On weekends like this I get to have a retreat with myself, and I began this unintentional retreat with a Star Activation healing session recorded previously by Baljit Rayat of Lotus Destiny. I had done this healing previously, but even though I was going to spend 12 hours at the anticipated Seed Event the next day, I did it anyway. I still had enough time in the evening to bake muffins, play with my niece, and watch videos online. That made for a productive Friday.

My takeaway from Friday’s healing was how we so much forget that we are divine. And that we either allow things to come into our lives that our divine selves would not have approved of, or we prevent ourselves from receiving miracles simply because we are fearful of what may be. I was grateful for this reminder.

Saturday: The Seed Event

The Seed Event was a great day of inspiration and learning not just from the speakers on stage but about the amazing businesses that are in our community that support conscious living, from food to music to wellness.

My biggest takeaway from the event – that still has me having aftershocks today – was Deepak Chopra‘s revelation that what we perceive to be real is not what is real at all.

Chopra speaks so effortlessly but someone like me still has to repeat and read my notes over and over again for it to really sink in. To try and explain this yogic element of the difference between the perceptual and the actual, Chopra used the analogy of a computer. Our senses being the desktop interface, asking us to give us certain experiences or interpretations of what is going on in our human lives. But what is really real is what is going on within the computer, the signals that flash on and off to communicate to us on the surface level. Chopra went even deeper into the signal analogy and said that we are in the “on” state when we process thoughts, information, and physical energy. But when we are in the “off” state, we are discontinuous and in a state of infinite possibility. Awareness of this state is the key, and when we are aware of this difference between surface perception and reality of infinite possibility, this is the place where we connect to our souls and to Source, or God.

For example, Chopra said that science has confirmed that the universe is still expanding – billions of light years from where Earth is. Just because we can’t see it or are unable to travel that far – does that mean it is not happening?

Chopra went on to explain our 3 levels of awareness: Constricted Awareness (when we go about our daily lives, focusing on problems, etc.) Expanded Awareness (seeing opportunities beyond the constriction), and Free Awareness (beyond belief, ideas and conception). When we can apply free awareness to our health and well-being, relationships, success and abundance, and enlightenment, then we can experience a higher level of consciousness in our lives.

(Breathing break!)

The a-ha moment I came to realize this morning was that Conscious PR was borne out of a state of expanded awareness. I imagined this brand in my mind thinking it was real; it was my perception of what I thought I needed to do. I saw an opportunity to do something in my business because I wanted to benefit the world in some way.

What I know now is, that Conscious PR is just a mere idea, a set of colours, a concept. It in itself is not real. There is more work I need to do on the personal level than just through Conscious PR, which I thought would bring me the satisfaction and inner knowledge that my life had purpose. I was using this idea to try and feel whole and have free awareness. I can believe that Conscious PR will eventually bring me to what my purpose is, but I must remember that free awareness does not come in the form of a brand. It is a state of peace. This is the state I am trying to achieve and only then will I experience the guidance of what my purpose is and be able to fulfill it.

Super Soul Sunday

I wanted to watch Chopra’s conversation with Oprah today but I forgot I did not have the OWN channel (ha – my perception of what I thought was real is again disproven). So instead I watched a previous conversation between Oprah and Iyanla Vanzant while doing yoga. It’s been a great weekend of expanding my own awareness of what my place is in this universe. We might look at awe at Chopra, Oprah, and other gurus, but must remember that the light in us is the same as the light in them. We all learn from each other on this human journey.

No matter how seemingly small, I hope you have taken away something from this weekend that gave you an a-ha moment too.

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