This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!


I was rather disturbed yesterday to read about the lack of funding for Earthsave Canada, the charity organization dedicated to spreading awareness about plant-based diets.

Earthsave Canada typically holds an annual conference called Taste of Health, which I attended for the first time last year. In a Georgia Straight article, office manager Carolyn Mill told Stephen Hui about how the organization lost the $30,000 provincial gaming grant it had relied on to put on the event. It recently released an free iPhone app that lists veg restaurants around town. But, the income from membership fees isn’t enough to keep the charity afloat.

If you feel education about plant-based diets is important in our city (well, it IS), become a member for a mere $36/year (which includes a 10% discount at many restaurants, shops and groceries around town) or spread the word to your community about Earthsave.


Yesterday I attended the first Sprout Up Vancouver Meetup which showcased a few local entrepreneurs, one of them being

The concept of is a delivery service that caters to you, the office worker, who has no time to make and pack a lunch, nor leave to get lunch at a nearby restaurant. While large companies are able to keep their co-workers sense of community close by providing cafeterias where people can eat at communally, most offices cannot offer that – unless it’s a gathering around a junk food vending machine. partners with restaurants in the downtown area with individual meals, as well as large caterers for bigger orders. While there is no clear “conscious” aspect to this company, I do like the idea of solving a problem of “what do I eat for lunch?” and partnering with local businesses to solve that problem.

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