This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

This week’s Business in Vancouver Newspaper has a great Life Lessons profile today on Sean Murch, Partner at Interactive Studio Management.

The profile outlines Murch’s history when, in his early 20’s, he worked for an animation studio in England, beginning a successful career in film & TV. Six months later, he “felt some of his managers were crossing ethical lines in their use of intellectual property” and “tried to get the company to change its practices – but to no avail.” Murch quit and moved back to Canada, leaving great opportunities in England behind. But he learned a valuable lesson about “keeping career aligned with values.”

I myself went through a similar experience at my first job outside of school. I stayed much longer than Murch did because I thought I could tolerate the stress and the overtime work that some of my friends considered ‘child abuse.’ It was only a year and a half later when I was asked in an indirect way to lie to some City inspectors that I put my foot down. It was clear where the company values were in that situation. Disillusioned by that entire work experience, I chose not to apply for the same job at a different company, and instead started my own. Four years after that, I started Conscious PR because I felt that I needed my company needed an important injection of social values. And here we are!

I really resonated with Murch’s story because many people stay at their jobs lured by the salary or benefits without seeking something better and more reflective of their life goals and principles. I highly recommend subscribing to Business in Vancouver because of its new format and jam-packed information, including the Life Lessons column.

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