This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

I am a member of the Global Coherence Initiative (now HeartMath Institute), which sounds very scientific and formal. It is, a little bit. I learned about the GCI at the recent Hay House conference in Vancouver from speaker Gregg Bradden, who talked about how our feelings are capable of shifting the magnetic field of the Earth. Don’t ask me how this works, exactly. I’m not a scientist.

GCI is a non-profit and it is free to join. Essentially what you do is track how you are feeling on 5 aspects of your well-being: Physical Vitality, Emotional Vitality, Social, Spiritual, and Well-Being. You can do it simply with the ratings scale online, and you also involve a more scientific method by purchasing a handheld emWave device that relieves stress, maintains focus and to helps you to be more present and compassionate in meditation. You can see your personal results over time, which are then put into a larger tracker that rates all of its members across the world. You can learn more about how it works and why it is important to track this on the GCI website, but the way I explain it is that it provides a scientific way to measure global compassion. We can then compare these levels to environmental shifts in the Earth.

The reason why I joined GCI and thought it was important to contribute to their work was because Greg showed how the Earth’s magnetic field was strong on one particular point in history – and I thought of 9/11. That was the date. Can you imagine how many people on Earth felt for the victims of this tragedy? And how, if we only combined that same amount of compassion, we could create so much awareness and alleviate so much more pain?

Apathy for Earth => Less care for the environment => More natural disasters => More pain => Less care…

We need to change this current cycle into one that starts with compassion, so that we can uplift everyone around us and have better care for our home. I really believe that we have indirectly caused all of the natural disasters that are increasing in number, and it is truly up to us to change it. The GCI is just one organization that is working toward this change.

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