This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

One of my firm beliefs is that if we only did what was good, there would be an abundance of wealth for all to have and to share. But what if what one considers “good” to be profit – at all costs?

Business in Vancouver is a great local business publication that of course, focuses on the issues and successes of local businesses. I was really excited to see Sustainability columnist Nina Winham tackle the Kinder Morgan & Enbridge Gateway pipeline proposals this week, and pose the question about whether “self-interest might even have to take a back seat to long-term community well-being“. She writes:

Not only will the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion and the proposed Enbridge Gateway pipeline put at risk the health and beauty of the landscape our businesses operate in and depend on. In addition, the Gateway pipeline is part of an industrial expansion that, in the name of relatively short-term profit, will wreak further havoc on our over-stressed and warming climate system. We will all feel the effects of this decision.

This isn’t just another protestor saying “please stop.” Winham’s vast expertise with business decisions and environmental impact proves that when companies can work with communities and have a sense of responsibility to the environment we all live in, we CAN think about long-term benefit rather than just be motivated by profit. With so much backlash from communities – and disasters like Exxon Valdez and British Petroleum etched into our memories forever (who recalls how much each company made?), the decision is just so obvious.

Winham concludes: “The world has many people willing to step up and make a difference. In discussions about the pipeline, B.C. businesses should speak up, show up and be counted.”

Are you connected to a business that could speak up on behalf of community well-being with regards to the pipelines? How do you suggest we all go about showing up?

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