This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

As I look back on all the amazing experiences I’ve had this past year, I can’t help but think about how much I’ve grown in the last 10 as well. Starting my business wasn’t easy and still isn’t, but especially in 2010 I am thankful for everyone I’ve met who continues to support me and build my network. I thought I’d give you a glimpse into my last 10 years. If I were 18 again and I looked at myself in the future, I’d think, the future doesn’t look that bad. And not bad is great in my book!


I graduate high school and get unconditional acceptance into UBC’s Arts program. I didn’t know what the hell I wanted to do with an Arts degree, but I’m sure as hell glad I chose it rather than Sciences. I think I would have died of boredom from those labs.


I join the UBC Poetry Club (first ever) and zip around campus in my razor-like compactible scooter. I indulge in Blue Chip Cookies after exams, and study in the library with too-loud headphones on.

My friend moves to Toronto, so I visit for the first time and like it. I also visit Hawaii for the first time with my mom. Nothing like summer in December.


I declare a Double Major in English Lit and Classical Studies and take a job at the UBC Call Centre asking for donations from alumni.

Meanwhile, I go through some drama with other friends, and get sick of Vancouver and living with my parents, so I apply to go on exchange to the University of Toronto, and get accepted. I pack my stuff and fly across the country, sort of.

I bunk with two Jewish engineering students and my room is a solarium with a fourth floor view of downtown. Not bad. I experience one of the worst winters Toronto ever has.

I start taking film classes as electives: 20th Century American Film, and Sci-Fi & Fantasy in Film. I fall in love with Film Studies.

I spend Christmas with family in Chicago.


My sister gets married in Mexico, and I’m freezing my ass off. But still loving Toronto. I reunite with an old high school friend in a Children’s Lit class and I try my very first breakdance class. I suck at it, but it was fun.

I visit my cousins in Montreal for Spring Break, stopping in dead-town Ottawa on the train ride over. Nothing much to see there except the big art gallery.

I return home to my sister’s wedding reception and to my friends. Having been addicted to Trading Spaces in Toronto, I move to the basement suite and revive the whole space with yellow paint and new curtains from IKEA.

I change my 2nd major Classical Studies to Film Studies. None of my credits are given transfer, which means I have to stay an extra year to finish my major, but I’m still happy about it. I start volunteering for VIFF and start watching as many films as I can with my friend Rita.


I become a Supervisor at the Call Centre and meet Film Production Major Brian Danin, the future Founder of the Vancouver Short Film Festival (then Vancouver Student Film Festival).

The rest of this year is a bit of a blur as I worked to finish my English major.


I graduate, become one of the founding members of the first VSFF as Sponsorship Coordinator and Programmer, and take off (twice) to LA with my best friends. I also become a member of Women In Film & Television.

While doing temp work in the summer, I get hired as Capital Campaign Consultant for CiTR, using my connections with the UBC Development office. This summer, I also take out a bunch of library books on PR and learn what a press release is, having heard the term twice now from other people in communications.

I also start my first internship at Richards & Chan Inc., a PR firm that did all the red carpet events for Brightlight Pictures, among other political and corporate events.

We put on the first successful Vancouver Student Film Festival.


After four months of interning, I finally get hired at R&C and become an official PR & Events Assistant. I learn everything from booking appointments for the boss to renting out office space, hiring interns, doing promos, sending out email invites, writing releases, sending out media gifts, HTML, the Drupal website platform, buying supplies and groceries, and events, events, events.

I also take my first Marketing Communications course at BCIT to formally learn the background behind PR.

After a while, I’m not phased when I see local stars come into our clients’ parties. In fact, I’ve been treated the worst by them at some of the events where I used to work the door.

We put on the 2nd annual VSFF at the Vancity Theatre, selling out our final screening. I become the official Marketing Director given my experience in PR. We register as a non-profit under the Vancouver Short Film Festival so no one else steals the name. I attend Women in Film’s Martini Madness party for a purpose other than volunteering.


I buy my first Mac and never look back.  I also meet my life partner Leo.

I start getting sick of my job at this point and being the only employee at the firm, so I give my resignation and hire 5 interns to replace me. I drink my first Heineken at the Wild Coyote with my best friend to celebrate my goodbye to the corporate world. Didn’t know how true that statement really was then.

The VSFF goes on hiatus because Brian moves back to Colorado. We decide to put on our 3rd festival in Spring instead, with me as the new Festival Director. I continue to take more courses so that I can work my way up to PR.

I take most of the summer off, doing background work and travelling to LA and to Asia for 3 weeks to attend one of my best friend’s wedding. The best wedding I’ve been to in my life and a trip to 4 countries that I’ll never forget.

I start working for my sister part time doing electronic filing for public companies.  In November, I help my other best friend put on her first solo art exhibit. She’s my first test client ever, and then the light bulb goes off.


I register the name Middle Child Marketing, get a business license, and buy the domain name for the website.

We put on the 3rd VSFF for a day. We decide to change the branding of the festival next year to include professional shorts.

I get my first corporate client, Pink Mobile Spa in Spring, thanks to one of my former bosses. I spend the summer learning Flash (which Brian gave me on my Mac) and then building MCM’s first website, aside from a side trip to Chicago.

I print some new business cards, and for my next client in Fall, I start using the MCM email and getting my name out free news listings. I take my last BCIT course in E-Marketing.

Then Latidos Productions calls me up asking for help. They become my longest standing client.


MCM is in full effect and I add two more clients to my roster. I become the official Publicist (volunteer) for the 4th annual Vancouver Women in Film Festival, get the event in over 35 media outlets, and earn the Volunteer of the Year Award. One of the most rewarding experiences of my career, and standing in for Erin Cebula at ET Canada to interview Babz Chula, Molly Parker, and Amanda Tapping is a once in a lifetime experience.

Interviewing (off camera) the late Babz Chula for ET Canada

I start writing reviews on Yelp, having not done much poetry or biographical writing since graduation.

Still working part-time to this point, I take the Successful Consulting and Contracting program, funded by the BC Government. It gives me Business 101 skills I need to jumpstart my business.

Leo and I take a trip to LA and then celebrate the first annual Vancouver Short Film Festival.  Our website changes to the WordPress platform (thanks Lesley!) and I love it.

I’ve grown, I’ve learned, and I’m still learning.

2010 has been a great year so far and I’ve met SO many people (just see in the previous post how many – and that’s only select!). A big thanks to everyone I’ve met during the course of my career or business. I wish all of you a very healthy, wealthy, and wise new year!

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