This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

My presentation for the Meetup entitled “MARKETING YOUR BYZ IN THE MEDIA AND ONLINE” with Helen Stepchuk of Cucumber Marketing was a success. About 60 people were in attendance at Ceili’s Irish Pub. I definitely had fun doing it, but one thing I need to remember is not be so paranoid about time! I only realized after getting the video back that I had a minute and a half more time I could have used. I love Ceili’s, but there were a lot of other events going on too so the sound could have been better. You can read Helen’s blog on the event and see her video presentation there.

Event photos are below (by Jeremy Lim).

Big thanks to Owen Clark of Byzhub for inviting Helen and I to speak, and to Helen as well for being an awesome co-presenter. It was definitely a learning experience for me that will help me to grow both as a speaker and business owner.

Our slide presentation is here – it’s definitely the skeleton of our presentation and will make a lot more sense if you saw it in relation to the videos.

A bit of an explanation on the PR Resources:

  • The Bad Pitch blog is an awesome, fun blog on real-life bad pitches to media, and sometimes from media. They get sent to bloggers Richard Laermer, author and CEO of RLM PR agency in the USA, and advertiser Kevin Dugan.
  • is an American site that shares similar tales by real-life corporations.
  • AHA Creative Strategies is a local marketing firm that has a great blog that I read daily.
  • Do the Right Thing is a book written by James Hoggan of James Hoggan & Associates PR firm in Vancouver, which is more theoretical but an easy read for those who want more insight into doing media relations.


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